2 lowfat cheese, onion vinegar oil, butter, bread


Beefsausage, potatoe-salad, bread


Long sausage, potatoe-salad, bread


Frankfurters , potatoe-salad, bread


Bratwurst, potatoe-salad, bread


Beefsausage filled with cheese, potatoe-salad, bread


Ham and Eggs, potatoe-salad, bread


Fried Eggs, potatoe-salad, bread


Pea- or Lentilsoup, with sausage, bread


Pan Sausage, fried Egg, potatoe-salad, bread


Meat in jelly, sauce Remoulade, bread


Boiled bacon, Sauerkraut, bread


Smoked meat, Sauerkraut, bread


Meatball, Eg, potatoe-salad (only Fridays)


Boiled Porc Chop, Sauerkraut, bread


Fried Porc Chop, potatoesalad, bred




In  summer- and wintertime we offer special daily Menues:



Big Salad with tuna


Cold Sausage-Salad with cheese

Matjesfish with Creamsauce, potatoes


red cabbage




You can order all dishes for take away!








Beers tap

      0,2 L and 0,4 L         




      Beers bottle

0,5 L                           




   Appelcider tap

                                               0,25 L and 0,5 L      


                  Wenzel Appelcider / Altenstadt-Rodenbach



                0,2 L                         


Rivaner Whitewine (Rheinhessen)

Montepulciano Redwine (Abruzzen)

Dornfelder halbtrocken Redwine

Bordeaux Redwine

                                    Prosecco Valdo



                                                     0,2 L and 0,4 L


                 Mineralwater with gas and still

Coca Cola, Coca Cola light, Fanta, Sprite

Schweppes Tonic Water / Bitter Lemon

                 Rapps Orangejuice

                  Wenzel Applejuice


       Coffee /Tea


               Cup Coffee / Espresso

Black Tea, Peppermint, Chamomile, Fruit



        0,2 cl   


Doppelkorn / Wodka / Williams / Mirabelle /

Himbeergeist / Obstler / Malteser / Sambuca


Averna / Ramazotti / Fernet Branca + Menta /

Underberg / Jägermeister / Reichspostbitter 


Calvados / Aquavit / Asbach Uralt / Cognac /